14 - 24 july 2016, tinning street presents, melbourne

Artists: John Brooks, Tara Burke, Rachael McCallum, Belinda Evans, Luke Maninov Hammond, Niamh Minogue, Zhu Ohmu, Yoko Ozawa, Robyn Phelan, Gina Rockenwagner, Elise Sheehan, Cassandra Smith and Charlotte Watson
Curators: Sophia Cai and Caitlin Shearer

Wonky was a group exhibition inspired by the principles of wabi-sabi – a Japanese aesthetic philosophy that celebrates the imperfect and the transient. Taking this idea as a starting point, Wonky was an exhibition that examined unpredictability and impermanence, both in art and in life.

Wonky featured 13 Australian and international artists working across diverse mediums including ceramics, drawing, sculpture, jewellery and textiles. While some artists took direct inspiration from Japanese art, others approached the topic in their own idiosyncratic way. Together, their works acknowledged the uncontrollable forces of nature and the unpredictable nature of ‘making’.

To accompany the exhibition, Sarah McNeil of ROOM PRESS produced a limited edition risograph printed catalogue featuring the exhibition essay – it was a souvenir of the exhibition and an artwork in its own right. Risograph printing lends itself to the theme of Wonky with its natural idiosyncrasies

Click here to read the exhibition essay


Artist Talks, Saturday July 16, 2pm

Please join the curators for a discussion with artists Zhu Ohmu, Robyn Phelan and Luke Maninov Hammond on the theme of wabi-sabi as it relates to their artistic practice.

Meditation Session, Friday July 22, 10am

Artist Charlotte Watson will lead a meditation session in the gallery space, focusing on relaxation and sensation. No prior experience necessary.

Nature Walk & Performance, Sunday July 24, from 2pm

To close the exhibition, please join Cassandra Smith & John Brooks for an artist-led nature walk, commencing at the gallery.

Later, come back to the gallery for a closing performance piece by artist Rachael McCallum, Wreckt. Green tea will be served.